Balancing Career Ambitions and Family Planning

Creating an intentional life

As a young, career-driven woman contemplating starting a family, it's natural to feel a mix of excitement and apprehension as you navigate the intersection of professional aspirations and personal goals.

How do you maintain momentum in your career while preparing for the life-changing journey of motherhood?

I recently met with a young woman on this path. Her biggest fear was loosing traction. Of not being able to keep up as she added this “and” into her life. Of trying to do too much and failing.

Wanting to know exactly what is going to happen next is not a new reflex for high achievers. Minimize variables and practice for the next inning—those are all things we naturally do to win. But what about when you're on the precipice of big life events? What then?

Here are 4 tips I shared with her:

Trust Your Timing

There's no perfect time to have children. Trust your instincts and make decisions based on your timeline and values rather than external expectations, what your parents did, when your friends are, or societal norms.

Embrace Trade-Offs

You may need to make sacrifices in certain areas of your life to prioritize what matters most to you. Be intentional about where you invest your time and energy. We all have a 'not now' list. A yes to something new is always a no to something else.

Find Alignment with Personal Values

Reflect on your childhood experiences and values to inform your decisions about "balancing" your parenthood and career. Take time to figure out what meant the most to you from your own upbringing so you can prioritize those in your life and balance choices.

Prioritize Quality Time Over Structured Activities

In my opinion, too many people overcommit to structured classes and programs when their kids are little. Focus on quality time and fun activities at home rather than adding the stress of taking them to classes they'll never remember.

As you embark on this journey, remember that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to balancing career ambitions and family planning. Trust yourself, stay true to your values, and embrace the adventure of motherhood while pursuing your professional goals. With intentionality, resilience, and a supportive community, you can thrive in both realms and create a fulfilling life that integrates career success and family happiness.

Listen to our full conversation here.

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