The Power of Minimums: Achieving More with Less Stress

The Power of Minimums: Achieving More with Less Stress

As high achievers, we often strive for lofty goals and set ourselves up for disappointment when we fall short. I used to be trapped in this cycle, always aiming high but rarely hitting the mark. 

Then, I discovered the power of setting minimums. Instead of asking myself how much I wanted to achieve, I began asking, "What's the minimum I can commit to consistently?"

Let's take exercise as an example. Instead of aiming for an ambitious five days a week workout routine, I started with two. Why two? Because even on my busiest weeks, I knew I could manage that. And guess what? It worked. 

By committing to achievable minimums, I began to feel a sense of accomplishment and progress. I wasn't constantly failing myself; I was consistently meeting my minimums and making progress towards my priorities.

This concept applies to various aspects of life. Take relationships, for instance. Rather than planning elaborate date nights every week, start with a minimum commitment of, say, two hours of quality time once a month. 

The magic of minimums lies in their sustainability. They allow you to make steady progress without feeling overwhelmed. 

Consider where you might not be showing up for yourself or your loved ones. Whether it's in housekeeping, personal development, or any other area, setting minimums can be a game-changer. 

So, embrace the power of minimums. Start small, focus on what's sustainable, and watch as those small steps lead to significant progress over time.

In a world where we often chase after big goals, remember that sometimes, achieving more with less stress is all about setting the right minimums.

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