Creating an intentional life

Coffee over microphones

Juggling career growth, parenting, and making a meaningful impact often seems overwhelming. In response to a LinkedIn message from Grace VanDenBrink, Tiffany  engaged in a virtual coffee chat, leading to an inspiring discussion. Together, they unfold their transformative journeys marked by strategic risk-taking, intentional living, and mastering the delicate art of balance. The conversation dives into the challenges of entrepreneurship, motherhood, and accumulating diverse experiences.

Gain empowerment from their shared encounters with age-related stereotypes, imposter syndrome, and the transformation of youth into an asset. Discover the foundational role of strategic risks, emphasizing that it's not about taking leaps into the unknown but starting small – sometimes the bravest step of all – in building your path to success.


[00:00] Intro

[01:52] Grace’s message and what prompted it

[09:22] Reconciling upbringing and future choices and family

[14:39] Work hard, gain experience, trust your instincts

[20:44] Avoiding over-scheduling kids, embracing simple childhood

[29:38] Considering parenthood and its impact on our careers

[39:19] Youth was an advantage, not an insult.

[45:49] Seeking feedback, curiosity, and problem-solving define entrepreneurship.

[56:29] Hindsight reveals the need for cautious decision-making in entrepreneurship

[57:47] Closing

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