What People are saying

"Tiffany is smart, energetic, passionate, and sharp—she provided specific, actionable tips for our audience and inspiring perspective that our team benefited greatly from. I admire Tiffany and her perspective greatly, anyone would be lucky to see her present."

Katie Burke, Chief Culture Officer at HubSpot

What People are saying

"Tiffany Sauder can flat out move an audience. She exudes strength yet at the same time is willing to lean in and get vulnerable. She’s warm. She’s touching. Her words induce action and inspiration. And not only that, but she’s an absolute joy to watch on stage. As someone who speaks all over the world, I’d put Tiffany up there with anyone."

Marcus Sheridan, International Keynote Speaker

What People are saying

“Tiffany has a way with connecting and drawing in everyone in the room.  Her message and personal story is not only relatable but also provides practical new approaches and refreshing new outlooks to what we often feel are challenges and obstacles.  She had everyone wanting more!”

Tracy Hutton, CEO

What people are saying
“Oh my goodness. Every episode, I am like “she gets it.” Thank you for putting content out there that is real/authentic and so applicable. The concept of minimums is something that is making a big impression in my life right now. Game changer.”
Olivia Warner

Dear 24-year-old self

Real-life truths to help you dream into your future

In this inspiring keynote, Tiffany offers candid insights and inspiring advice drawn from her journey as a young entrepreneur. She speaks directly to achievers, sharing lessons from her rise to become President of Element Three at just 24 years old. Beyond professional success, her talk explores relationships, work-life balance, and self-discovery.

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Big Wins and Battle Scars

Embrace Vulnerability, Make hard decisions, Choose discipline

Through powerful storytelling, Tiffany shares the pivotal mistakes she made and the invaluable insights she gained during the process of scaling Element Three from a tiny team to a culture-driven organization thriving on achievement. She candidly emphasizes how embracing vulnerability and acknowledging her shortcomings were game-changers that not only saved her business but also revitalized her personal life, including her marriage.

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Tiffany at 2023 EOS Conference

Living Scared Confident

Choosing to learn who we are, own our strengths & confidently change the world

Tiffany Sauder's leadership journey, spanning nearly two decades, saw her rise to the role of President at Element Three at 24. Behind her professional achievements, she grappled with the fear of revealing her vulnerabilities and imperfections before realizing the strength in authenticity and the power of shedding the mask of perfection. In this enlightening conversation, Tiffany shares her personal journey. Discover the profound principles that guide you towards authentic leadership and living an abundant Life of And.

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What it means to live scared confidently

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