CEO, Entrepreneur, Investor, Podcast Host, Speaker, Board Member, Wife, Mom x4

My entire life, I've loved people, parties and doing hard things. I never want to just watch life. I  want to crush at life.

The first 15 years of my career, I looked to the approval of others to feed my need for achievement, to tell me that I was enough, and validate that I was important.

I grew my company. I grew my family. I pushed my marriage. I volunteered. I played the part, but inside, I was losing myself.

Predictably, I crashed. And I spent the next few years picking back up the pieces of my marriage, my company and my family.

I want to help high-achievers live a Life of And. My passion is teaching others what I learned about purposefully pursuing all the things with passionate gusto - without sacrificing who you are and the things and people you love.

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“Talking with you felt like therapy! It is SO good to connect with another woman CEO trying to figure out life, wife’ing, mom’ing, and business every day. You encourage and inspire me. Keep kicking a**”
AMY BROWN, CEO OF Authenticx

Scared Confident

On this podcast I inspire high-achievers to passionately pursue a Life of And. I share lessons learned from the first 20 years of my career mixed with vulnerable, real-time reporting from the frontlines of my life, career, marriage and parenting adventures.

Building a two-career home and family isn't easy; but it's a full and rewarding life.

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Inspiring growth in entrepreneurs, leaders, and early career high achievers.

Stepping up when things get hard in business and life takes guts. Tiffany inspires leaders to identify fear, then run through it - to better places in their businesses, careers, and lives

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