Tools & Resources for Two-Career Homes

Dreaming about a peaceful two-career home is one thing, but building it in real life requires more than wishful thinking.

The idea of a two-career home doesn’t feel new ANYMORE. But the practice of actually being in one – where both of you have big dreams and big responsibilities – still feels really hard to actually make happen. How do we nurture our individual wants, needs, and goals and hold space for the people we love? How do we chase growth without letting what’s right here, right now go unattended and unloved? How do we avoid losing sight of ourselves in the midst of all the to-dos and responsibility?

So, what exactly is a Life of And?

I was born with a heart that wanted to say yes to everything. I dreamed of a life that had a lot of Ands. But it took a lot of work and intentionality to move from a life of exhaustion and reactivity to a life of intention and sustainable peace. Today, I get to say I’m a business leader and a wife to a business leader. A board member and a community member. An entrepreneur of two decades and a mom to four girls. 

I’m not a guru; just a person who puts my own clues, lessons, wins, and disappointments on the table to prove that you don’t have to say no to your dreams – and neither does your other half. 

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What People are saying

“Talking with you felt like therapy! It is SO good to connect with another woman CEO trying to figure out life, wife’ing, mom’ing, and business every day. You encourage and inspire me. Keep kicking a**”

Amy Brown, Authenticx

Scared Confident

The podcast that is helping two-career households manage the mundane and simultaneously chase growth. Listen in as we talk through the vulnerable realities of two-career homes, discuss the tools to run your home so you love it and share in the joy of chasing a big, abundant Life of And.

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