Dreaming, Achieving, and Balancing Life

Tiffany Sauder became the President of Element Three at only 24 years old. In this keynote, she candidly shares the insights and encouragement she would have given herself when she was just starting out. She knows what it’s like to have a million dreams – to wonder where to start and desperately want to get somewhere (or everywhere) fast. She speaks to achievers, inspiring them to dream big and learn from her personal experiences, hardships, and triumphs as a young entrepreneur. We’ll cover not only the professional aspect of “success,” but also look transparently at growth in relationships, balancing family and learning how to find a sense of self.

A note from Tiffany about this keynote

Can I actually have it all? Will one bad decision ruin my entire life? How do I get confidence about what I’m supposed to be? Will it all work out for me?

These are the ever-present questions of our high-achieving college students and young professionals.

This keynote is like opening up my  journal and reading the stories about what it took to get to where I am today. Some lessons are the things gone right – and some lessons were learned from hitting a wall and figuring out how to pick life back up again.

We will explore advice for success in all areas of life: career, personal and relationships. And we’ll talk about how to bring it all together (and how “together” you should expect it all to be).

This presentation speaks to hungry achievers, inspiring you to own the truth that you can “have it all.” But it takes focus, vulnerability, a strong sense of self and courage to face the things that most intimidate you.

Key Takeaways

Develop courage to name and face your unique fears

Be motivated to look inside yourself (and not to others) for approval

Learn tips for how to balance early career, early family and taking care of yourself

Develop a compass for when to say yes and when to say no

Target Audience

College Students

Early-Career Professionals

What audiences are saying about this keynote

"Thank you so, so much for your message today. It was exactly what I needed to hear as I ambitiously try to navigate my life and the fears that come with it."

What audiences are saying about this keynote

"Tiffany gave us insightful advice on how to achieve our personal and professional goals. As a graduating senior, I have a lot of questions about how to grow myself as a young professional and I was able to learn so much by hearing Tiffany share her experiences balancing work and personal life."

What audiences are saying about this keynote

“Guilt is a choice but so is fear.” My new motto. Tiffany’s words truly tugged at some tucked-away emotions."

What audiences are saying about this keynote

"Tiffany’s keynote definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations as 88% of our attendees voted her session to be their favorite part of our entire conference."

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