Unmasking Leadership

Get ready to be inspired by Tiffany Sauder's incredible journey of leadership spanning nearly two decades, culminating in her astounding rise to the presidency of Element Three at the age of 24. She's been in your shoes, hiding behind a facade of flawlessness driven by fear, concealing her true self – imperfections, vulnerabilities, and all. But then she took a bold step, confronted that fear, and uncovered a transformative truth: real empowerment comes from embracing your scars and stories.

In this riveting conversation, Tiffany unveils how you too can tap into these lessons. Discover the simple yet profound principles that will empower you to lead with unwavering confidence while embracing life's richness in all its forms. If you're ready to shatter the mask, unlock your potential, and embark on a journey toward a more abundant Life of And, this keynote is an unmissable opportunity. Get ready to rewrite your own narrative and unleash the leader within – it all starts with Tiffany Sauder's electrifying insights.

A note from Tiffany about this keynote

Whether it’s fear, anxiety, depression, anger or a multitude of other things that can consume us, we all have a thing. My thing is fear. 

In 2020, I realized that my fear was consuming me. 

I had been so focused on fixing my business and my marriage that I completely forgot what I wanted out of life, and that was terrifying. My business was fixed, my marriage was fixed, and when my leadership team asked what I actually wanted, I had no idea. 

In order to be the best leader I could be at Element Three, to be the best wife I could be to JR, to be the best mom to my four girls, I had to face fear and figure out who I really was and what I wanted.  

This keynote dives into that story. A story of figuring out how to live a “Life of And” – a life filled with purpose, people, lots of places and experiences,a dash of busy, and a bit of crazy. A life of living so many different chapters that I can say I’ve lived a life of happy, fulfilled, vibrant exhaustion. That I fully extend my talents. Fully live each minute. Fully love each person in my life.

This ongoing journey of facing my fear and discovering who I am has led me to the conclusion that life is about learning your strengths, owning them and confidently putting them to use. In this keynote, I will give you the tools and lessons I learned with practical ways to begin applying them to your life today.

Key Takeaways

Discover the importance of knowing who you are and what you want

Learn to name, slay and claim your “thing” 

Own your strengths and use them to confidently change the world

Target Audience

Women in leadership

Female entrepreneurs

What audiences are saying about this keynote

"Tiffany was great and I think the really cool thing about her is that she allows herself to be openly vulnerable and to talk about those moments in her life that maybe weren't the best times. Through those stories – people can relate. And I know not everyone can be – or feels comfortable being – transparent like that, so it is very cool when you can sit in the audience and immediately feel connected."

What audiences are saying about this keynote

"Her energy and ability to weave humor in was spot on. She was exactly what we needed to finish out our day!"

What audiences are saying about this keynote

"As a mom of girls, her realness and humbleness in sharing left me with a new pep in my step. To have a stranger feel like a friend is hard to find. Thank you for sharing her magic."

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