Hard days are the distance days

There are days where everything goes smoothly: You woke up when your alarm went off. You completed your morning routine. Your kids all got out the door on time with lunches packed. You made it to every meeting on time. Dinner was prepped when you got home. The house was cleaned up before you got in bed. You truly did all the things you intended to do.

Those days are actually fairly easy to show up for yourself. To show up for your goals. To show up for your team. To show up for your family. 

But we also are all dealt a certain number of hard days in a year. 

“How we choose to show up on the hard days are actually the days that matter the most.” 

The way we choose to show up on the days we are a minute late, a dollar short and a little haggard walking into everything -  those are the distance-maker days. Showing up with intensity on those days takes way more guts and grit, but these are the moments that define how  far we are going to get.

Will you shut down, implode, and wait for the reset of a perfect day to allow yourself to engage in your goals again? Or will you show up for yourself and for those around you with intentionality and go the distance?

If you want to hear more on this topic, check out this episode on Scared Confident.

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