Defining a Life of And: My Philosophy for a Fulfilling Life

A "Life of And" is my mindset and approach to life. It's about embracing all my interests, passions, and roles without feeling the need to choose between them. I reject the notion that I can only have one thing or the other. Instead, I believe I can pursue various roles simultaneously and find fulfillment and happiness in all areas of my life.

Today, I get to play many awesome roles. I am an entrepreneur, serving as the CEO of Element Three, a marketing consultancy in Indianapolis. I'm also a wife and a proud mother to four incredible girls, ranging in age from 2 to 14. Additionally, I am an investor in multiple companies, the owner of Share Your Genius, and a board member on various boards.

Fear often tries to convince me that life is about making choices. It tells me that I can either be a mom or an entrepreneur, be fit or successful, and so on. But I refuse to accept these limitations imposed by fear. I was born with a heart of And – a heart that loves many people, places, and experiences. I thrive in the midst of busyness and enjoy a little (lot?) bit of craziness. I want to live a life filled with different chapters, experiencing vibrant exhaustion and fully expressing my talents. Every minute counts, and I want to love each person in my life to the fullest.

Choosing a Life of And is a decision I've made. I refuse to accept the "Or's" in my life. Instead, I commit to the necessary disciplines and actions to achieve and claim my "And's". It's not an overnight process, but with dedication to this mindset, I've been amazed at how many different aspects I can sustainably incorporate into my life.

My heart's desire and calling is to help others on a similar path.

I want to be the go-to resource for dual career families – high achievers who strive for excellence in their careers, families, friendships, and personal growth.

I want you to be in a place where you're not just serving your professional aspirations but also nurturing your family, deepening your relationships, and experiencing enriching moments that bring you happiness and fulfillment.

I aim to normalize the journey and provide insights into what it feels like and where the challenges lie. I want you to know that you're not alone and that you're not crazy for pursuing a Life of And. Sometimes, all you need is a new strategy or a helpful tool to support you along the way. Whether it's a useful hack shared in my newsletter, an inspiring interview on my podcast, or a valuable resource on my website, I want to assist you in embracing the And's in your life.

Together, let's step fully into who we were meant to be in a way that is sustainable, life-giving, and deeply fulfilling.

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