Defeat Imposter Syndrome with micro-courage moments

Unraveling Imposter Syndrome through self-discovery

I had never used the phrase “Imposter Syndrome” in describing my journey, so I was curious to read the definition. Imposter Syndrome is described as that nagging feeling of self-doubt that persists despite our accomplishments, education, and experience.

For me, this struggle was closely tied to fear and the underlying question of whether I was enough, whether I could show up on the main stage of life and give it my best shot. Whether it was a crucial business decision or a big presentation, the fear of not being good enough haunted me.

However, facing this fear head-on became a catalyst for me to delve deeper into understanding and overcoming it. The journey to expose fear for what it truly was led me to moments of micro-courage. Those moments when I had to decide whether I would show up and give it my best shot or succumb to self-doubt and give up.

Building confidence through micro-courage moments

I remember working on marketing plans, knowing that success was not guaranteed. But I reminded myself that I was closer to the answers they sought than others, thanks to my expertise and experience. Those micro-courage moments, where I decided to give it my all, built up my confidence and courage.

Element Three, the agency I've been with for nearly two decades, also went through its seasons of doubt and uncertainty. In those challenging times, we had to recommit and reassess our values, our purpose, and our roles within the company. As leaders, we sometimes need to reevaluate if our heart and energy are truly aligned with the company's vision and mission.

The cycles of commitment & the power of sustainability

It's essential to recognize that life has cycles, and it's normal for our commitment levels to ebb and flow. As leaders, employees, and individuals, we must find that balance between head and heart commitment. We need to assess if the ingredients of our lives still fit together and whether we're excited to commit to what lies ahead.

The key here is sustainability. We must strive to create sustainable paths in our personal and professional lives. This means ensuring that our relationships, health, and workload are in a state of constant ebb and flow, not an unrelenting grind. Sustainability helps prevent burnout and fosters long-term growth and success.

Embrace the Journey

So, the next time you find yourself battling imposter syndrome or considering giving up, remember that you're not alone. It's normal to have doubts and questions about your abilities. Embrace those micro courage moments, show up, and give it your best shot. Allow yourself to go through the cycles of commitment, assessing if your heart and energy are still aligned with your goals.

Life is a journey, and each step of the way is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. So, let's embrace imposter syndrome as a reminder that we're human and that our willingness to learn and grow is what makes us truly exceptional.

Here's to facing your fears, showing up, and committing to a sustainable path of success and fulfillment! May each decision you make propel you towards becoming the best versions of yourself.

You’ve got this.

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