Do it or delegate it: An up close look at my in-home help

Do it or delegate it: An up close look at my in-home help

Let’s talk about something very precious…your time.

Your career needs your time. Your relationships need your time. Your family needs your time. And what about you? Self-care is not optional to keep up with this pace. What can you exchange in your life to replenish that precious commodity of time?

If this is striking a nerve, maybe it’s time to consider some in-home help. And yes, Tiffany has some ideas!

Tune into this episode as Tiffany dives into all things covering the topic of in-home help. She explores different options and what has worked for her own family at different phases and stages. Getting creative in how you solve in exchange for more time can help you in your pursuit of a peaceful and sustainable Life of And.

Task Planner

One of the ways she has solved for this is with her Task Planner tool. Grab this free resource and listen to Two careers, 4 kids and clean house: A step-by-step system for success where she dives deep into how this tool has been a game-changer for her family.


[00:00] Intro

[00:42] Let’s talk about having help inside the home

[02:14] Tiffany's background and childhood

[05:04] The time, mental and relationship demands in life

[06:29] Tiffany realized that there might be a better way

[08:25] Using your resources to get time back

[10:12] Everything you own takes more time from you because it has to be managed

[11:17] We can't just attend to our tasks and neglect our relationships

[13:34] Tiffany's phases and stages of care: Phase 1 - 1 kid, no money

[16:23] Phase 2 - 2 kids and a little more money

[18:12] Phase 3 - 3 kids, more help

[20:17] Phase 4 - 4 kids all in different stages, a traveling husband and lots of help!

[22:43] Shared nanny, house manager, drivers and laundry service

[25:27] Tiffany uses a laundry service call Poplin

[26:55] Summary of what it takes at this stage of Tiffany's family life

[27:31] Getting on the same page as a couple about the financial aspect of hiring help

[31:59] Being accountable to the time-exchange you've created

[34:15] Practical recommendations and resources to get started

[34:49] Task Planner resource reminder

[37:02] Closing


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