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Two careers, 4 kids and a clean house: a step-by-step system for success

Do you find yourself in a two-career household trying to get all the things done?

It can feel like insanity!

Work and kids’ schedules can keep you on the go most weeks (and even weekends), and the simplest of tasks at home can pile up way too quickly. Laundry. Making food. Home repairs. Cleaning. Grocery shopping.

Not only does it clutter your house, but even worse it can clutter your brain.

In this week’s episode, Tiffany introduces the first tool in her Own the Ordinary course that will help you get those tasks out of your head, onto paper and into a system that works for you. By implementing the Task Planner tool into your routine, you will feel confident in knowing that your household tasks are already built into your busy schedule. Tune in to learn about this tool that Tiffany has created to help her family and yours Own the Ordinary things in life.


[00:00] Intro

[03:01] Introducing the Task Planner tool and the 3 major components of it

[06:53] Task List PDF explanation

[08:40] Overview of the daily Task Planner

[11:10] What's in Tiffany's 'morning roundup'

[11:56] Tiffany's 'evening wind-down' list

[15:41] Overview of the weekly and recurring Task Planner

[21:10] An editable PDF is in process and will be available soon

[23:06] Closing

Link to the Task Planner tool


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