3 Years of Living Scared Confident

Embrace the Discomfort

Tiffany shares how she kicked fear to the curb and took the plunge into the unknown. There is power in starting something new and embracing the discomfort of being a beginner.

She addresses the internal dialogue of fear and the impactful statement she crafted to combat it in her premiere episode: I am not Fear, shedding light on the effect of focusing on serving others rather than dwelling on self-doubt.

See how diving into your creative side can shake things up. You’ll be surprised by how being brave ties into being awesome at what you do. And don’t forget the power of living true to what really matters to you.

Learn to challenge your inner critic and embrace the journey of growth and self-discovery.


00:00 Intro

04:19 Overcoming fear to share and communicate her story

07:36 Communicate, connect, achieve, and help others

13:18 Lean on your community and overcome your fears

18:57 Commitment + follow-through lead to competency

22:11 Tiffany’s responsibility is serving; others' opinions don't matter

24:43 Belief in success + helping others = personal growth

24:50 outro


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