Working Mom Truths

Can I really have it all?

In this candid solo episode of Scared Confident, Tiffany challenges the myth of "balance" and offers a fresh perspective on aligning life's priorities with one's deepest values. Guiding us through the concept of minimums, Tiffany reveals how setting attainable commitments can lead to consistent success. She challenges the fear, survival, and resignation mindsets that often grip working parents, proposing a life of 'and' that celebrates both ambition and joy in every role.

Whether you're a working parent striving for balance or someone seeking to align your life with core values, Tiffany brings real working mom truths and practical wisdom to redefine your 'what' and figure out the 'how'. Tune in to embrace the power of choice and set minimums in your life for maximum impact.


[00:00] Sales presentation: understanding and addressing audience mindsets

[06:00] Seeking a sustainable, passionate, impactful life

[08:09] Optimize workout schedule by prioritizing morning routine

[10:57] ‘What’ and ‘how’ are two different questions

[14:23] Struggling to stick to fitness plan, found success

[18:40] Refining values and priorities through life changes

[24:41] Experiment, test, and try new things early

[27:17] Achieving balance by aligning priorities and values

[30:32] Choose what aligns with goals for best life

[31:41] Thanks for joining me on another episode


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