Who is your (un)Balanced Character?

Are you living in "balance?"

Or do you find yourself in a constant state of feeling imbalanced and off?

In this episode, Tiffany explores the meaning behind living a Life of And—a life where personal fulfillment, family, and career all coexist harmoniously.You’ll hear strategies for attaining balance and avoiding becoming an (un)Balanced Character: The Grumpy Servant, Fearful Loyalist and Lonely Achiever.

Whether you're an overachieving professional, a devoted family member, or someone trying to find time for self-care, this episode provides invaluable insights and practical tools to help you create a more abundant, fulfilling life.

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[00:00] Components of a balanced life

[02:03] Tiffany’s journey to proactively controlling balance in life

[03:03] Defining self, family, and career within a Venn diagram

[04:59] Aligning priorities and values for sustained balance

[07:08] Identifying the "(un)balanced Characters"

[11:20] Tiffany’s "Grumpy Servant" character and overcoming it

[15:57] The importance of self-awareness

[17:30] Pursuing a balanced life and making thoughtful choices


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