Unlocking progress in chaos

This is not the mom I am

There’s nothing like your 3-year-old repeating back the words you say to them to make you realize that you need a hard mom reset.

insert face palm here, right?

Tiffany shares a recent breakthrough that she had with her 3-year-old who’s been–in her own words–”exhausting”. This simple reframe that she learned from recent guest Michelle Gambs has helped her say “yes” to more things, be more attentive to what she’s saying instead of just reacting, and genuinely enjoy family time even in the most simple moments.

She also shares a hilarious tip for anyone wanting to jump on the latest fashion trend (cargo pants) as well as a practical tip for making progress when tasks feel overwhelming.


[00:00] A recap of a recent amazing Sauder family staycation.

[04:47] A parenting ah-ha moment with the littlest Sauder.

[08:39] How to ID your ONE THING to start with.

[12:08] Navigating complexity, striving for excellence through clarity.

[13:35] Flexibility is key to balancing life's demands.


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