Too much or too little?

Advice from mom

In this minisode, Tiffany’s mom, Wendy, gives advice about navigating life's seasons. Wendy shares her wisdom on giving yourself grace through each stage of life, from raising children to facing an empty nest. She emphasizes the importance of being kind to yourself and recognizing whether a challenge is a temporary project or a permanent situation.

Tiffany and Wendy discuss practical tips for managing both "too much" and "too little" seasons, and the value of initiating help or service when you have the capacity. This episode is filled with relatable advice and comforting insights for anyone experiencing transitions and seeking balance in their lives.


[00:00] Intro

[00:06] Life's changing seasons

[01:20] Navigating "too much" and "too little" seasons

[02:05] Differentiating between project and permanent challenges

[03:17] Final advice


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