The secret to maintaining alignment with your spouse

The Quarterly Check-in

Tiffany invites you to explore the personal strategies she and her husband use to nurture their partnership and successfully manage their family life. As they celebrate their 19th anniversary, Tiffany unveils how they integrate quarterly relationship check-ins into their routine, perfectly balancing enjoyment with productive discussions about their family's future and needs. From instilling financial savvy in their daughters to planning exciting future trips, Tiffany shares the positive impact of this approach and offers listeners actionable advice on how to adapt these practices in their own relationships.

Tune in to learn how to seamlessly combine fun with functionality and make the most of your quality time together, ensuring that life's responsibilities are met with both love and foresight.


[00:00] Intro

[01:15] The importance of quarterly check ins

[02:02] Key things we wanted to align on

[03:48] Encouragement to instill this quarterly meeting

[06:44] Which one is most important to you?


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