The how, when, and why of taking a sabbatical with Jeb Banner

Feelings are information. What happens when you find yourself feeling burned out and not enjoying your job? It takes self-awareness and courage to know when you might need a break.

In this episode, Tiffany has an enlightening conversation with entrepreneur and investor, Jeb Banner, about his experience of taking a sabbatical. Jeb candidly shares his process of how he knows when it’s time to step away, what his version of a sabbatical entails, what type of person would benefit from taking one, and how it helps him rediscover his genius (and, may help you do the same).

Jeb is currently the CEO of Opendate, a venue management software company. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO of SmallBox and Boardable. Over the years he has founded or co-founded several nonprofits including Musical Family Tree, the Speak Easy, and the Indiana Independent Venue Alliance. Jeb is happily married to his wife Jenny, and they have three daughters. He spends his free time making music, collecting records, foraging, cooking, reading, and traveling.


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