The #1 way to bring peace to your home with Michelle Gambs

Am I doing this right?

Parenting. One of the most rewarding AND hardest jobs of our lives. All the do’s and don'ts of every age and stage can make your head spin.

Tiffany welcomes psychotherapist, parent coach and author, Michelle Gambs, onto the podcast for an in-depth and revealing perspective on parenting. Her book, Stay Away from Option D, is based on her simple philosophy that gives parents permission to be faulty parents while still bringing peace into their home. Tiffany admits that Michelle’s candid guidance gave her pause and interrupted some of her own parenting patterns, and wanted to share this guidance with everyone who is searching out a plan for confident, empowered parenting…with no guilt!

Educated at the University of Notre Dame, Michelle has hosted the podcast ParentED, created YouTube tips for parents, and coaches parents in person and online with a virtual course. She can typically be found near water or on a yoga mat, and also at michellegambs.com.

So, grab a cup of coffee and listen in on this incredible conversation, and be ready to gain a whole new perspective on peaceful parenting!

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[00:00] Intro

[03:56] Michelle's book, 'Stay Away From Option D'

[04:25] Options A, B C and D

[07:56] Feeling of guilt

[10:17] Advice for different stages of parenting

[13:23] Proactive parenting

[13:50] Quality over quantity

[16:11] Teenagers

[23:32] Override the instinct to always protect your kids

[24:59] How do we prevent our kids from being spoiled and entitled

[27:25] Kids' allowances and money management

[34:30] Family meetings

[37:25] Raising capable kids

[48:46] More about teenagers

[51:04] Dispassionate cop

[52:35] Punishment vs. consequence

[57:31] Forbidden=attractive

[1:00:00] Michelle's access points

[1:01:21] Michelle shares an amazing connection to the meaning of Scared Confident

[1:02:01] Closing


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