Rachel Downey and The First Million: See beyond

Every entrepreneur comes to a fork in the road moment—the one that will change the course of their business (and life) forever. In this episode of her takeover, that's exactly where we find Rachel.

As part of Tiffany’s personal mission of being “for others”, she is intentionally inviting people in her community to host takeovers on the Scared Confident feed. This is week 2 of Rachel Downey's takeover—The First Million—where she's diving into the "messy middle" of building a business to its first million, in real-time.

Join Rachel as she shares how she navigated the big decision to either keep Share Your Genius a lifestyle business for her and her family or grow it into something that could have ripple effects far larger. In order to make that decision, she turned to the advice of her newfound friend and client, Tiffany Sauder. And, through their conversations, she got an unexpected proposition.


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