Lessons in living from Mom

Living a Life of And in the next phase

In honor of Mother’s Day, Tiffany is joined by her mom, Wendy, who shares her rich life journey, from managing a home business and raising four children to now enjoying an active retirement filled with travel, community involvement, and continuous personal growth. Tiffany and Wendy warmly guide us through juggling family responsibilities and personal care, showing us how to enrich our lives with more "ands" without wearing ourselves out.

This isn't just a mother-daughter chat; it's a heartfelt lesson on handling life's phases with grace, resilience, and a sprinkle of humor, proving it's possible to pursue growth at any stage of life. Whether you're tackling a busy career, strengthening family bonds, or both, their open and honest conversation offers both inspiration and practical tips for flourishing in every part of your life.


[00:00] Intro

[06:30] Managing overwhelming yet thoughtful gift-giving

[07:47] Balancing daily routines, prioritizing rest and family

[11:38] Empowering women in their roles and opportunities

[15:07] Embracing risk, hard work, and overcoming challenges

[18:32] Active retirement: Travel and family time

[20:07] Comparing generational roles

[25:20] Advice from Wendy

[27:58] Importance of attitude and exercise for well-being

[30:19] Always express gratitude, conquer fear, and stay confident


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