Keeping littles entertained on-the-go

Evolving activity bags

Tiffany shares her experience in managing the hectic schedule of children's sports as a parent. With her daughter's volleyball tournaments and practices often taking her family on long drives and extended periods of waiting, Tiffany reveals her number one tip for keeping her younger children engaged and content during these events.

From creating a curated backpack filled with new and exciting activities to incorporating a variety of fun and affordable items, she provides invaluable insights for other parents navigating similar challenges. Tune in to this insightful minisode for practical tips on making club sports more enjoyable and manageable for the entire family.


[00:00:23]  Managing younger kids while attending tournaments and practices

[00:01:02] Number one tip for keeping younger kids entertained

[00:02:52] A backpack filled with various activities and snacks

[00:04:49] Closing


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