I am listening with San Pathak

"There's a lot of fear wrapped around race on my side as a white person. The fear for me is about just saying wrong things, not understanding that there are things I might say, unintentionally that hurt and offend and cause harm. And so it's easier to just stay silent, stay in the background and not, I would say, pursue growth around that.” —Tiffany

Joining Tiffany is San Pathak, Chief Operations Officer of Element Three, as they take on the topic of fear and race. We ask you to come into the conversation open. This episode is about building human bridges, not political ones.

After listening, ask yourself, are you activating around your fear? Are you stepping into the discomfort? Instead of trying to convince other people of what you do or don't believe, are you stepping into the messiness of a relationship? From Tiffany’s perspective, as you’ll hear,  that's where change actually takes place.


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