How to prep the family when mom travels for work

Prepping for work travel

In this episode, Tiffany navigates the quick turnaround between a family spring break and an upcoming work trip. She shares the five key strategies she employs to ensure her family operates smoothly in her absence.

Join Tiffany as she reveals the contents of a mom's backpack post-vacation, the unique requests of her daughters for the week, and the crucial importance of a family meeting. Tackling the notion of guilt and offering a powerful reframe on apologies to our children, Tiffany challenges the norm and fosters resilience and self-reliance within her family.

Learn how to execute your own version of a seamless "handoff" when duty calls you away from home.


[00:00] Intro

[01:24] Back from spring break and leaving again

[03:37] 5 ways to prep the kids before a work trip

[08:51] The COO of the household

[14:49] Pursuing a career and fulfilling your commitments


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