Do this to get back on track after a break in routine

Find your rhythm

Do you buy into the whole new year, new trend that rolls in with the change of each year? It seems like more and more our culture and social media feeds are telling us to turn over a new leaf, or get better at this and that.

Well, Tiffany has some thoughts! Fresh starts can happen at ANY time of year. And they are needed if you have just come off of a break in routine, or if you’ve had a significant life change. In this week’s episode, Tiffany comes clean about 2 things that really annoy her about the new year being a catalyst to change everything up.

More importantly, she talks through her process of how to get back on track after a break in routine, and explains that it’s more about finding your rhythm again so you can settle back into your system. Systems that are customized to work for you make a huge difference and help you pursue your Life of And, so you can say yes to the things that give you life!

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[00:00] Intro

[01:42] New year resolution trends are annoying Tiffany!

[02:25] Do I really need to change anything?

[05:081] 500 days of no drinking trend

[07:00] Sick over the holidays, also travel

[08:05] How do you get back on track post holidays

[09:51] 3 things Tiffany does to get all systems back up and running

[11:35] There's a system for that

[12:50] Exciting 'Own the Ordinary' update

[15:10] Closing


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