Do this now to unlock more time for the extraordinary in 2024

Unlock the extraordinary in 2024

What if you could begin this new year with even more capacity for extraordinary things in your life? How can streamlining your routines help in this area?

Tiffany kicks off her 2024 season of Scared Confident with a practical plan that you can implement NOW to help you create more time for yourself, your relationships and all the extraordinary things in your life. By taking these first steps to better manage your daily routines, you’ll have more mental energy to put toward other things that matter. Tune in and begin to take control of it now, so you can keep the easy things easy and have more time to pursue your Life of “And”!

Download Tiffany’s Task Planner Worksheet here


[00:00] Intro

[0):48] Making the routine automatic

[01:34] Task planner tools for morning and evening

[02:06] Tiffany's evening wind-down routine

[04:26] Potential issues that this solves

[06:36] Tiffany's morning routine

[08:18] How to start your program

[10:55] Figure out what you want?

[11:27] How will you make that happen?

[12:53] Who is going to be responsible?

[14:22] Download and print the task planner

[16:23] More space for the extraordinary

[17:18] Closing


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