Cultivating contentment and connection with Karen Mangia

Do you long to cultivate conversation, connection, and community?

In this episode Tiffany talks with Karen Mangia, an accomplished professional and author of "Sundays with Salvator," written with her 100-year-old grandfather. Karen shares insights on living a fulfilled, intentional life, drawing from her diverse experiences at major corporations and as a trained chef and writer.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Contentment vs. Chasing Metrics: Why choosing contentment over vanity metrics leads to fulfillment.
  • Intentional Living: How to make choices that align with your values and avoid overcommitment.
  • Traditions and Connection: The importance of family traditions in fostering community.
  • Overcoming Fear: Practical strategies for managing fear through journaling, exercise, and mental fitness.
  • Positive Intelligence: Using the Positive Intelligence framework to focus on positive outcomes.
  • Empowerment through Choice: Making intentional pauses to reflect your true priorities.
  • Balancing Life: Tips for balancing professional achievements with personal well-being.

Karen’s wisdom provides listeners with actionable advice for a balanced, abundant life.

Tune in to start your journey toward contentment and intentional living.



[00:00] Intro

[01:43] Meet Karen

[02:15] ‘Sundays with Salvator’ book

[07:05] Importance of Sunday dinners and maintaining traditions

[09:49] Intentional living and prioritizing commitments

[11:19] Making intentional choices to avoid overcommitment

[16:32] Contentment is the most worthwhile wealth

[18:27] The tightrope between contentment and achievement

[24:09] Karen’s experiences with managing fear

[29:30] The Ten Saboteurs


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