5 Tips to help working parents crush summer break

Are you prepared for summer break?

In this episode, Tiffany shares tips for managing a busy summer in a two-career home while balancing your career and family life.

Get ready to hear advice on:

  • Identifying your family priorities
  • Involving your kids in meal planning
  • Updating kid zones
  • Making time for yourself to enjoy the season
  • Creating a visible schedule to reduce daily stress

Tune in for a personable and relatable discussion on how to navigate the challenges of summer as a working parent and make the most of this vibrant season.


[00:00] Intro

[01:13] Preparing for summer chaos

[01:51] Managing family summer schedules

[02:29] Setting family priorities

[03:39] Planning summer activities

[04:38] Involving kids in planning

[05:19] Ensuring self-care in summer

[06:49] Updating key kid zones

[08:49] Managing food and meal planning

[10:44] Shopping at Goodwill for projects


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