Embracing the messiness of a passionate life with Joy Currey

If you are going to try and do something really hard with your life, you need to accept that it isn’t always going to be a neat and tidy journey.

Joy Currey opens up on this episode of Scared Confident about the fork in the road that she is facing - the hardships of balancing family life with a passionate career. As a busy woman, she is on a pursuit to find a balance between work and rest while still pursuing her passions in life, and this conversation with Tiffany captures her in a genuine moment of real-time reflection as she wrestles with a big decision about this balance.

Joy is the co-founder of the nonprofit CORRAL Riding Academy, which provides equine therapy and college preparatory education to young women in high risk situations. She is a passionate advocate for equity and justice, and is navigating a two career home with her husband and two young children.


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