How do you define success as a mom?

Before I had kids, I remember imagining what it would be like to raise a family as a working mom. The truth is, as a working mom you’re going to be away from your kids a lot, so I wondered: 

“Would I know my kids? Would I know when they were sad? Would I know what questions to ask them? Would it be possible for me to be in tune with their hearts, with their needs, with what it was that they needed from me as a mom?”

I’ve been a mom for 13 years now and I’m pleasantly surprised at how close I feel to my four girls. I really do know them. I know their “tells.” I know when they are having a good or bad day. I know the questions to ask them. 

For me that’s success. It’s about having that intuition for each child. That I’m not so busy with my own goals or so preoccupied with what I have on my calendar. That I don’t have enough left over for them. That I give them time to be heard, to be seen and to make a special connection with each of them. That I know when to ask the question one more time: Are you really okay?

It’s something I have to choose to do daily. I have to choose the energy to put into my kids that way. I have to make energy for it.

It’s not always easy, but I hope I always make that choice to pour into my kids and give them what they need from me. 

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