6 Principles for Living a Life of And

6 Principles for Living a Life of And

As I embark on the next 65 years of my life, I am committing to certain behaviors, practices, and mindsets that will allow me to live a Life of And. If you also aspire to embrace this way of life, here are six principles to consider:

1. Cultivate an abundant mindset: 

Believe that you can achieve everything you desire in life. Instead of questioning if something is possible, start asking yourself how and when it will happen. Remind yourself that there is enough success, happiness, and fulfillment for everyone.

2. Embrace challenges: 

Don't shy away from difficult tasks or situations, even when you don't feel like tackling them. Just as the Senior Marketing Manager at Element Three runs outside every day, rain or shine, choose to show up and face your challenges head-on. Remember, life is filled with different hardships; it's up to you to decide which ones you want to embrace.

3. Conquer fear: 

Live a life free from the grip of fear. Instead of constantly worrying about what others think or how they will react, shift your focus to how you can authentically live for others. Challenge the fears that hold you back by questioning their validity and consider what you have to offer the world and those around you.

4. Live intentionally and set high expectations: 

Set high expectations for yourself and your relationships. Prioritize self-care and love, as you cannot give to others if you have nothing to give. Strive for exceptional relationships, whether it's in your marriage or friendships, by actively nurturing and serving others. Be intentional in your actions and hold yourself to a high standard.

5. Celebrate and mentor others: 

Life is not just about what you can take; it's about what you can give back. Celebrate the successes and victories of others, both big and small, and actively seek opportunities to mentor and support them along their journeys. Embrace a mindset of abundance and collaboration.

6. Embrace a growth mindset: 

Push yourself to grow by stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing new challenges. Recognize that growth happens when you are willing to be a student again, even after achieving mastery in a particular area. Push yourself physically, mentally, and professionally, knowing that the discomfort you experience is an opportunity for growth.

Remember, our individual paths of And may differ, and that's perfectly fine. Choose roles that bring you joy, purpose, and personal growth. My hope is that you find true fulfillment

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